TOP is everyone's ideal.
  • Interviewer: If there was a member of BIGBANG, who would make you lose your concentration? Who would make your number 1 person?
  • TY: 1... 2... 3...
  • Interviewer: Who? G-Dragon!
  • GD: Do I really have to say?
  • Interviewer: Please.
  • GD: I'd have to choose TOP.
  • Interviewer: Oh! The same TOP who is opening his water bottle and drinking his water, TOP!
  • GD: Well, I almost fell for him, Seunghyunnie.
  • Interviewer: Oh really?
  • GD: Yeah.
  • Interviewer: That's possible.
  • GD: Fast and hard.
  • Interviewer: Charms that work on men and women, too.
  • GD: When TOP is alone with us, he'll play around with us in the car a lot. But really, if I were really a girl, I would have fallen for him on the spot.
  • Interviewer: Oh... But then, there's the question of which he has. Does he have appearance, voice and manners? What would...?
  • GD: All three. He has all three. It's a combo. It's like a three combo.
  • Interviewer: Really?
  • SR: This may be dangerous to talk about, but we had the Secret Garden Parody in BIGBANG.
  • Interviewer: Yes! I saw it! It was fun.
  • SR: But I had to share a kiss with TOP. If I had to really say, I would say that the kiss was extremely sweet. He had great manners.
  • TOP: [laughs]
  • Interviewer: This talk can be dangerous. This talk here.
  • DS: That's what I'm saying.
  • SR: I enjoyed it.
  • DS: What manners have to do with kissing?
  • TY: Manners are important.
  • Interviewer: TOP, is there something you want to say? Anything about the other members of your group?
  • TOP: But I'm the purest.
  • Interviewer: You don't leave other people out!
  • All: [laughs]
  • TY: He even wrote the lyrics...
  • [TY sings "I breathe life into your eardrums"]
  • SR: The man who loves toys more than women, TOP-hyung.
  • All: [laughs]
  • Interviewer: Is that so?
  • TOP: [mumbles]
  • trans: fakemoon

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